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ATOMY has stood the test of time for consistency, success, and tremendous growth in the global network marketing space. ATOMY is the world's 1st direct selling e-commerce company based out of South Korea. ATOMY has 10+ years of presence in the industry with an annual revenue of 1.73 billion USD in 2020 alone. We are a team of 15 million worldwide and growing.

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ATOMY has established itself as a leader in the direct marketing and personal care products space. If a company with above billion-dollar annual revenue, 15 million+ global members, that is operational in 20 countries for more than 10 years is not good, then what is?
Yes, ATOMY is incorporated under the Companies Act & is currently carrying on its operations as per its Memorandum & Articles of Association.
No, ATOMY is not a pyramid scheme. It works on the principles of sharing & balancing, which allows its downline members to even earn more than their uplines.
Success in ATOMY requires a growth mindset and the drive to learn daily. One must be willing to work closely with their mentors in the business for growing. One must dedicate time to grow their business as well as evolve as an individual by committing to their own personal growth.
Atomy provides a huge earning opportunity depending on the time, money & efforts one is willing to invest into their business. You can work with your mentor to set up your financial goals and build a roadmap to achieve it.
KAERI stands for Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, a highly reputed and well-known scientific research institution in Korea. KAERI powers the R&D for Atomy’s products.
KOLMAR is the manufacturer of Atomy products. It is first cosmetics ODM company in South Korea. It is also an OEM business that provides customised products for clients. The products manufactured at KOLMAR are held to the highest standards to ensure customer health, well-being, and satisfaction, with several products being approved by the US FDA.
HemoHIM helps boost health and well-being by enhancing your immune system. It has anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic properties.
You will have to go through a registration process, depending on your location/country and find an appropriate sponsor, who can start you off on the process of becoming an Atomy member and getting your very own Atomy ID. Get in touch with us to know more.