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Atomy products are sold across multiple countries around the world, to satisfied customers who keep coming back for repeat purchases. Member success is assured based on the quality of products that are available for you to market. Moreover, you are assured of reliable support for your growth game plan. Members will get access to the Atomy online shopping mall where they can access an extensive list of Atomy products.

When you join ATOMY, you will be a part of a fast-growing and high-performing direct marketing team. ATOMY has a well-established business model and culture that benefits sellers as well as end-customers. We believe in growing together and all our members get to be a part of the success story. Apart from the benefits of a great supporting infrastructure and the ability to work independently, ATOMY offers the following benefits:

  • Free to join.
  • NO monthly targets.
  • Mentorship to help you succeed in your business.
  • Quality products, loved by customers world over.
  • Global ID that enables business in multiple countries.
  • Backed by Korean government.
  • Binary Plan (Not pyramid)
  • Unlimited down line leverage.
  • High value compensation plan. (35% of company profit shared.)
  • Transferrable till 3 generations.
  • Cap for maximum earning.
  • 6% Commission for Atomy education centres.
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Building a business with Atomy means living your life by design rather than chance.

You will be able to generate powerful life choices and opportunities for yourself and design your own life. Join us today to blaze your path forward.